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Custom Parts for you Cafe Racer #3


Here we are with the third installment of 'Custom Parts for your Cafe Racer'. As with part 1 and part 2 of this series I've pulled together a collection of parts that stand out as some of the best looking and best made aftermarket bits on the market. Whether you're building a Cafe Racer or just looking to make a few design tweaks to your ride I think you'll agree that these beautiful bits will look vastly better than your motorcycles stock attire.


The Saint Kawasaki W800


Deus Ex Machina are continuing to expand their footprint by opening flagship stores around the globe. Since their first store appeared in Camperdown, Sydney in 2006 they've opened 6 other international locations and although apparel may have become the biggest sector of the Deus business they've never lost sight of their beginnings as a custom workshop. Each store has its own team of talented builders who continue to produce great looking custom motorcycles while still retaining that unmistakable Deus style. Out of the Dues Milan premises, otherwise known as "The Portal of Possibilities" comes this latest custom build they've coined 'The Saint'.


How to kill a cat at Glemseck 101


There's an intriguing rivalry about to take place at Glemseck 101 on September 6. Thanks to its success in previous years the Lucky Cat Garage​ Sprintbeemer has become the bike to beat during the events 1/8th mile sprint races. Séb Lorentz of Lucky Cat Garage has remained unbeaten since his bike first attended the event and 8 combatants have now accepted the challenge to try and knock him off his podium. It's a challenge that necessitates speed, power and style and it's going to make for one hell of a show.


Johnnie Wash BMW R Nine T


Despite knowing there are some incredible things happening in the custom motorcycle scene in other parts of the world it can often be difficult to access them. One place I know has an incredible scene is Brazil, but despite this I've featured very few builds from that part of the planet. Thankfully the internet is continuing to offer up ways of overcoming language and location barriers and awesome builds like this custom R Nine T are finding their way onto the site. This BMW aptly named 'Brown' is the work of Ricardo Medrano who manages Johnnie Wash workshop in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The bike is part of a custom series produced to meet the growing demand for custom bikes in Sao Paulo and it's one of the best R Nine T builds I've seen so far.


Tristan's pepper white Honda CX500


I've been following the Stories of Bike video series since it began and had the pleasure of meeting its creator Cam Elkins and working with him on a few episodes. A while back I noticed he posted a photo of a rather tidy looking CX500 on his Instagram feed and had to find out more. As it turned out the bike belonged to Cam's brother Tristan who painstakingly pieced the CX500 together over 14 long months, using limited funds and shed time to get it done. Cam snapped off these great photos and was kind enough to coax the story of it's creation out of Tristan for you all to enjoy. As Tristan explains it "Literally blood, sweat and tears went into this bike build" and all I can say is that it was well worth it.

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