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A Super Clean CB750 by Scales Studio


Scales Studio is 2 man workshop that specialises in fabrication work and high-end paint. Based in Houston, Texas their list of recent projects include an award-winning 1970 Porsche 911 Targa in pastel blue and a 550bhp LS3 powered Porsche Cayman. Alongside their four-wheeled projects, you’ll always find motorcycles in their workshop. Right now they are finishing up an extensive Ducati 1000ss conversion and are working on the first Triumph Unit construction 3TA ever built.  In today’s feature, Trevor Scales walks us through their latest two-wheeled achievement, a super clean Honda cafe racer rebuild.

Riding Gear – Yoxall Waxed Canvas Jacket


If you’re looking for a non-leather motorcycle jacket with timeless style, waxed cotton is the answer. The most iconic waxed cotton design of all is the 4 pocket, long-waisted cut of this motorcycle jacket by UK outfit Merlin Bike Gear. From it’s construction to its styling the Merlin Yoxall waxed cotton jacket is steeped in English motorcycling tradition.

TÜV Approved – HB Customs Honda CB900F


Everyone needs a hobby. German-born Holger Breuer found his back in 2004 when he built his first custom motorcycle. Since that project, Holger was built an impressive 30+ custom bikes. What’s equally impressive is that building bikes remains his hobby despite now taking commissions for builds. His full-time career as a mechanic and as a dedicated family man come first, so bike building is limited to his spare time. BMWs make up a large part of Holger’s collection, but in amongst them are a few Japanese marques, such as this Honda CB900F Bold d’Or cafe racer.

TIGER’S TALE – Titanium BMW R100GS


Twin Shock Division (TSD) Motorcycles is a tiny shop located in the Ukranian capital of Kiev. Headed by the talented Sawa Medvetskiy, they specialise in intricate, tessellating bodywork that’s designed to look tough and ready for action. And none come tougher than this — a BMW R100GS that draws inspiration from German armoured vehicles of the Second World War.

Riding Gear – Bull-it Tactical Jeans


When you’re talking riding gear, leather has considerable protective qualities and generally looks great in a jacket. When it comes to pants, however, leather isn’t every rider’s first choice. Technical fibres are the biggest thing in protective motorcycle apparel since the invention of the helmet. Thanks to science manufacturers can now create gear that is hard to tell apart from regular streetwear. These Bull-it Tactical jeans are stronger than leather, providing 75 kph of abrasion resistance, but they offer the look, comfort, and breathability of a regular pair of jeans.

Climb Every Mountain – 2V CB400 SuperSport


Once upon a time, there were two brothers, Marc and Phillip. They grew up doing all the things two brothers do. Inspired by tales of their father’s journies from Switzerland to Barcelona astride his trusty 125 Yamaha DT it wasn’t long before they developed the same obsession for two wheels. When their father saw their enthusiasm he decided to temper it with a test. He challenged their passion by presenting them with a destroyed moped. He offered it to them saying, “that’s how you get to understand things”. Presented with the prospect of having their own motorcycle to ride wherever they pleased the pair got to work.

Riding Gear – Cardo PackTalk Slim


Using headsets to stay connected in a group ride can make things a lot easier, or a lot more frustrating if connections keep dropping. Cardo, a company out of Texas, has been making wireless communication devices since 2003. The Cardo PackTalk Slim is their latest helmet headset that solves connectivity issues and delivers pure clean sound via JBL speakers.

Mix N Match – Pikes Peak Aprilia Tuono


“I have to say that I am simply an enthusiast of bikes and specifically Italian bikes and especially Aprilia. I am not a professional.” This was how my email conversation with Gwenael Barthélémy kicked off. It was a humble introduction and one that could leave you thinking that this Swiss-born Aprilia enthusiast is little more than a tinkerer. However, once all the photos of Gwenael’s custom Aprilia Tuono had downloaded it was clear that was definitely not the case.

Not so Fat Bob – Blacktrack H-D BT03


Luxembourg’s Blacktrack Motors have been steadily ramping things up since they started back in 2015. They kicked things off with a gorgeous, pared-back Honda CX500. Then they pushed on with a stunning custom Triumph Thruxton. And now they’ve tackled their biggest job yet – a monstrous Harley Davidson Fat Bob that they’ve somehow managed to craft into a gorgeous cafe racer.

Horton – A Manx styled Honda CB750


Years ago I saw some pictures of a very low, very mean blue CB750 cafe racer and it was a defining moment in my life. I vowed then and there to build a cafe racer and I was almost certain it was going to be a Honda. There is something about the CB750 that just looks right. Coincidently, a guy named Joey Stivaletta thought the exact same thing just 10 kilometres from where I lived. Joey shares my infatuation with CB750 cafe racers so two years ago he did something about it.

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