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Brotherly Build – Fabbris Moto Honda CB750


Michele and his brother Marco launched their workshop, Fabbris Moto, in 2007. The pair share a passion for both race bikes and classic motorcycles. This, of course, means the brothers have a penchant for building cafe racers and their latest project follows suit. Based on a ’92 Honda CB750 the UJM has been given the full cafe treatment for a close friend and customer. “Luca asked me for a custom build that wasn’t too extreme,” recalls Michele. “I know the seven-fifty platform well because I started my career as a Honda technician. At first, he wasn’t convinced he liked the shape of the standard bike, but after I showed him some sketches he accepted my proposal”.

Riding Gear – 2020 Triumph t-shirts & apparel


Since John Bloor resurrected Triumph Motorcycles in 1983 it’s been nothing but success after success. Triumph has, of course, been around for much longer than the eighties. In fact, the British manufacturer emerged almost 100 years before Bloor entered the pictured making it one of the world’s oldest motorcycle brands still in existence. Whether you’re a diehard devotee or simply an admirer of the British marque the new 2020 range of Triumph t-shirts and apparel is sure to appeal.

Jim’s Goldie – BSA GoldStar Clubman


Most custom motorcycles projects are based on a pretty common donor bike. I have done many myself where the donor was knackered and there were thousands of them around. No one will notice if another generic Honda or BMW goes missing; plus they’re cheap. When I decided to do something a bit different, I thought why not take an iconic British bike and revamp it with a few cafe racer cues here and there. The bike I had in mind for the project was a 500cc BSA Goldstar Clubman.

Riding Gear – Shoei Glamster Helmet


There’s been a steady growth in the number of retro motorcycle helmets on the market over the past few years. And now for 2020 two big names in the industry have come to the party. Arai has unveiled their Concept X, also known as the Rapide Neo in Japan, and then there’s this helmet, the rather oddly named, Shoei Glamster. I don’t envy any marketing team tasked with naming a new product. But the individual who signed off on calling this helmet the “GLAMSTER” should reconsider his career choices. Imagine, if you will, sitting on your bike when a fellow motorcyclist pulls up and asks ‘What helmet is that?” and then trying to tell them “It’s a Glamster” without feeling completely emasculated. Lucking, the Glamster has another name printed boldly across its surface that makes up for this. That name is, of course, Shoei.

Bob the Boosted – Mr Martini Triumph Legend TT


Nicola Martini, aka Mr Martini, aka the Mad Hatter, is an Italian custom bike builder, restauranteur and retailer. The self-proclaimed dreamer embraces individuality and has earnt himself a reputation for building motorcycles that push boundaries and raise eyebrows. This Triumph Legend TT project gave Martini the chance to try something a little different. Rather the street going machines he builds for customers the TT was a personal project with one clear goal in mind. Going stupidly fast!

Riding gear – Rev’it! Bastille Gloves


When there are too many choices, it becomes impossible to narrow down what riding gear best suits your situation. That’s where the REV’IT! Bastille Gloves stand out from the pack. Why? Because they’re built for just about any situation. The first noticeable aspect of the REV’IT! Bastille gloves are the leather that they’re made from. Drum dyed goatskin means breaking in these gloves will take no time at all while maintaining a velvet softness. Each of the neat, short cuffs are finished off with watertight fabric that encircles your wrist. Underneath, the entire glove is protected by REV’IT!’s own PWR shield. According to them, it’s made using a “unique knit technique which results in a fabric with unsurpassed cut, tear and abrasion resistance.”

Trellis TRZ – MotoGod TRX850 Cafe Racer


It wasn’t until I featured our first Yamaha TRX850 cafe racer back in 2013 that I learned of their existence. Some would say I must have been living under a rock, and rightly so. The TRX850 was a bold move by Yamaha aimed at stirring things up in the European market. It was, at its core, a Ducati 900SS clone, but it benefitted from steadfast Japanese engineering. The TRX850 also had similarities to Ducati’s Monster as it was somewhat of a parts bin special, being made up of components from other models in Yamaha’s range. With neutral handling, a smooth as silk 270° crank, plenty of low down torque and a highly tunable engine it looked great on paper. Unfortunately, it didn’t sell all that well and Yamaha ceased its production after 5 short years.

Wrench Ride Repeat Tee by 100MPH


Riding a motorcycle requires a basic set of skills, but building them takes knowledge, know-how and most importantly, passion. Similar to us, our friends over at two-wheel lifestyle brand 100MPH.cc know what it takes to build and maintain a motorcycle. Whether it’s a weekend track weapon, a vintage clunker or a ground-up custom build. In recognition of those who choose lead that life 100MPH has released a ‘WRENCH, RIDE, REPEAT’ t-shirt that’s available exclusively through their online store.

TOP 10 Yamaha Cafe Racers


Thanks to their continued support of custom workshops, Yamaha Motorcycles have played an integral role in the growth of the “new-wave” custom bike scene. Their Yardbuilt series has generated an impressive portfolio of jaw-dropping builds based on current models in the range. But Yamaha also has an extensive back catalogue of bikes that are hot favourites with pro workshops and backyard builders alike. Models like the muscular XJR1300, bulletproof XS650 and the little single that could, the SR400, make frequent appearances on these pages. To celebrate our love for the Japanese marque we’ve created this list of the Top 10 Yamaha Cafe Racer builds to have graced these pages. Here they are in alphabetical order…

Riding Gear – TCX Street Ace Trainers


It’s a beautiful day. You’re free from work, the road is calling, and all you want is to feel your bike under you as the sun shines down on your back. And then it keeps shining. You can feel the temperature rising under your helmet and jacket. And, maybe worst of all, you feel a squelching in your motorcycle boots. But what can you do, not ride in hot weather? Thankfully, a new entry to the motorcycle training shoe market, the TCX Street Ace Air perforated riding trainer, might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

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