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Elegance Personified – Bolt Motor Co. CB750


“Elegance is the first thing that comes to mind when we look at our Honda CB750,” says Arián Campos of Valencia’s Bolt Motor Co. Adrián and the Bolt team have a soft spot for Honda’s evergreen CB750. So much so that they often recommend it to customers in search of a new project. As it happens this is how their latest CB transformation, otherwise known as #BOLT35, came about.

Belstaff Long Way Up Jacket Series


Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman are at it again with their epic cross-continental motorcycle adventures. This time in the new series ‘Long Way Up’ they travel from Ushuaia, Argentina at the southernmost tip of South America to Los Angeles in the United States. During the trip which they completed in 2019, they covered 13,000 miles over 100 days passing through 13 countries and they did it all riding Harley Davidson Livewire electric motorcycles. Those who’ve seen the series would have picked up on the fact that the pair are also kitted out in gear from the UK riding apparel specialist Belstaff. As you’d expect Belstaff is now offering identical jackets to those worn by the pair as special edition Long Way Up gear.

Serpent Slayer – Perseus Ducati 749


In Greek mythology, Perseus was a legendary slayer of monsters and was responsible for beheading the serpent haired gorgon, Medusa. Dan Iluta is no slayer of mythical beasts. He does live in Dracula’s hometown of Transylvania though, but that actually sounds more exciting than it is. The reality is that he’s an economist who forecasts changes in financial markets. What Dan does have going for him though is a love for motorcycles and for going fast. And as a result, he’s created this Ducati 749 cafe racer that packs enough punch to dispatch any unsuspecting sportbikes.

Limited Edition – Uncrate x Magpul Ronin 47


High-tech polymer and composite firearms accessory company Magpul Industries rocked the motorcycling world when they launched their motorcycle manufacturing division, Ronin Motorworks. ‘The 47’ was the companies first and the only model released. Inspired by the Japanese legend of the 47 Ronin Samurai the bikes were limited to a mere 47 pieces which were released in colour schemed batches. Beneath the unique body and chassis of the Ronin 47 was Buell 1125 frame and Rotax motor. Magpul secured the donor bikes back in 2009 after Harley Davidson laid the brand to rest. As you can imagine with such radical looks, thoroughbred breeding and extremely limited numbers they sold out fast.

Form of Flattery – Veggel Ducati 900SS


They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. In the commercial world, not so much. But when it comes to regular guys recreating something complicated, it’s all about realising personal goals. Like the New Zealander who built a Ferrari 250 GTO in his chicken shed or the dad who constructed an accurate replica of Disney’s Haunted Mansion for his kids. Mark van Veggel considers himself a regular guy. He’s been in IT his entire working life and is a father to 4-year-old twin girls. But to find some relief from the stress of his high-pressure job he decided to build a custom motorcycle from scratch. He found his inspiration in NCT motorcycles ‘Predator’ 750SS and he calls his bike the ‘Futuri’ Ducati 900SS Cafe Racer.

Z1000R Style – Doremi reimagines the Z900RS


When we reviewed the Kawasaki Z900RS cafe back in 2018 we noticed something familiar about its styling. Kawasaki stated the design of their sport heritage Z900RS was influenced by the legendary Z1 of the 1970s. However, the bright green, faired version of that same bike, the Z900RS Cafe, seemed to have more in common with a motorcycle released a decade later. That bike was the special edition Kawasaki Z1000R Eddie Lawson Replica (ELR). Over in Japan the crew at aftermarket workshop Doremi recognised parallels between the two bike too. But rather than just ranting about it online they created a bolt-on kit that’ll transform any Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe into modernised Eddie Lawson Z1000R.

Ready for Action – Hellraiser R100 Scrambler


We have a serious soft spot for BMW cafe racers but we’re also big fans of Scrambler styled Beemers. There’s something about the geometry and engine layout of old airheads that gives them a utilitarian look perfectly suited to the Scrambler style. Of course, the brand’s history plays a big part in this. A quick search online and you’ll find photos of military BMW’s shod in chunky rubber and stripped down to the bare essentials. Tom Gough from Hellraiser Garage knows exactly what I’m talking about. Their latest project, an ’81 BMW R100 Scrambler, is a shining example of how well these Bavarians are suited to the Scrambler style.

Power of Three – Unikat Thruxton RS


In 2020, Triumph released the most powerful model in the history of the Modern Classic range. The Thruxton RS offers adrenaline-inducing levels of performance in a classically styled package. The new model features top-shelf components, a high-performance parallel-twin engine and improved suspension and brakes. But, like all factory-built bikes, each one that rolls off the factory floor looks the same as the last. Earlier this year in Poland, 3 of the first customers to purchase the new Thruxton RS approached the crew at Unikat hoping to inject some individuality into their bikes. Never one to shy away from a challenge Grzegorz Korczak and the Unikat Motorworks team happily obliged.

Icon Merc Battlescar Jacket


There was a time when we wouldn’t touch camo riding gear with a ten-foot pole. During the nineties, camo was bastardised by uncultured moto brands who injected insipid, iridescent colours into military-inspired patterns. It was then applied to ill-fitting cargo pants and riding jackets that looked as ridiculous as they sound. Oh, how times have changed. Motorcycle fashion has come a long way in the last 10 years and military-inspired has become infinitely more appealing.

Space Traveler – Blechmann RD350 Cafe Racer


Bernhard Naumann, aka Blechmann, grew up in Burgenland, a federal state of Austria in central Europe. Growing up in a family without much money he didn’t have access to videogames or expensive toys. Instead, he built his toys from things he could find. Over time his projects increased in size and complexity until he was able to build intricate things by hand, including his beloved motorcycles. After spying his impressive custom BMW R18 on the venerable BikeExif we contacted Bernhard to see what other gems his portfolio contained. Amongst them, we spied this striking Yamaha RD530 YPVS cafe racer.

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