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Ride Review – Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE


Triumph seems to have created the ultimate Scrambler. They’ve gone a step further than everyone else and built a fully capable, off-road-ready motorcycle worthy of carrying the Scrambler name. After missing the Australian press launch of the Triumph Scrambler 1200 I was looking for the right opportunity to give one a proper test. When a friend contacted me about riding up to a motorcycle show in outback New South Wales I took it as a sign. A few days later I collected a top of the range Scrambler 1200 XE from Triumph’s warehouse with two weeks grace to put it through its paces.

Riding Gear – Nexx X.G Rucksack


We’re big fans of Nexx Helmets heritage range. I already have two of their X.G100 helmets in my collection and consider the Nexx X.G200 to be one of the best-looking retro MX helmets on the market. In today’s gear feature we take a look at a different type of product they recently added to their range; the Nexx X.G Rucksack. While there are plenty of motorcycle backpacks out there to choose from, the Nexx X.G Rucksack differentiates itself from the bunch by offering a unique feature that their competitors don’t.

Forgotten Twin – Crooked Motorcycles CB450


Their name may conjure up images of a suspect automotive salesman, but rest assured Crooked Motorcycles is anything but dodgy. Run by two German mates who share a passion for building bikes Crooked MC are now in their second-year business and things are going great guns. For their latest project, the pair decided it was time to tackle a cafe racer styled ride. As fate would have it a friend had the perfect donor for the project, a ’72 Honda CB450 twin, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Bare it All – Hammer Kraftrad Rocket 3


The Triumph Rocket 3 is a lot of things. A monstrous cruiser. A torque powerhouse. A modern classic. But it can also be the blanket that the proverbial mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, bumbag-wearing crowd gravitate to. They commission bikes adorned with chrome and airbrushed women riding dragons. Such bikes need rescuing and Germany’s Hammer Kraftrad are the people to do it. “When the bike came into our custom garage in the beginning of March 2019 it was fully wrapped in chrome and skulls,” Michael Hammer says. “There were no chrome parts on the market that hadn’t been added to it!” Michael decided the bike needed to be stripped back and made into something really special. It was indeed Hammer time.

Gear Review – Gerbing Heated Clothing


Let’s be honest. Being cold and wet isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time. So if you’re planning to ride during winter you’ll need the right gear to be comfortable. There’s plenty of options out there designed to keep you dry, but staying warm is a little more challenging. Riding gear experts Gerbing have been producing heated motorcycle clothing since 1975. With over 40 years of product testing and development under their belts, it’s fair to say they are experts on the subject. With winter well underway down here in Australia, we decided to give a pair of their heated motorcycle gloves and jacket liner a go. The results have changed our seasonal riding habits forever.

Golden Touch – Cognito BMW R75/5


Of all the boxers the BMW R75/5 models with the “toaster” tank are a firm favourite. They are less angular and sharp compared to their more modern brethren. I love the classic silhouette, the alloy airbox and the early-style rocker covers. I certainly don’t consider myself a purist anorak but I do enjoy seeing an R75/5 as Motoren Werke intended. However, when outfits like Cognito Moto decide to modify a classic that bias vanishes. Using a 1971 model R75/5, Cognito Moto has bestowed upon it a smattering of their own custom parts and a lot of elbow grease to create something truly special.

Cafe Conundrum – 2019 Modern Cafe Racers


If you read through the comments section on any modern cafe racer review you are sure to come along a statement like this… “There’s no such a thing as a factory-built cafe racer!” It’s the opinion of a purist and one we can relate to. How can you name a motorcycle straight off the factory floor after a style of bike that is, at its core, a custom creation? Despite anyone’s opinion manufacturers insist on producing bikes they define as modern cafe racers and customers obviously keep buying them. So in an attempt to add a bit of authenticity to these cafe racer clones, we’ve pulled together this comparison of modern cafe racers to sort the wheat from the marketing chaff.

Dardevle in Disguise – Nova Motorcycles KZ1000


All hail the late 70’s; when men were men and motorcycles were deadly – really deadly. During the ’70s engine development was advancing in leaps and bounds while chassis and brake design were still striving to be called ‘adequate’. This resulted in several rather dangerous machines hitting the streets that earned a reputation for leaving their riders a little worse for wear. For their latest project, the team at Nova Motorcycles set out to fix this with a razor-sharp Kawasaki KZ1000 cafe racer dubbed ‘The Dardevle’.

Revzilla Recommends – 2019 Cafe Racer Gear


We regularly feature motorcycle gear that appeals to those who are partial to custom, classic and cafe racer style motorcycles. If you fall into this category then, like us, you appreciated gear that looks great, complements your ride and offers the latest in safety technology. Revzilla, the indisputable experts in riding gear online,  know what gear we love best too. Through their own reviews, customer feedback and sale trends they’ve put together this list of the best cafe racer gear for 2019.

Pragmatic Motorcycling – Officine Rossopuro T3 850


When it comes to the Moto Guzzi brand there are a handful of custom builders we’d consider experts on the subject. Amongst them is Filippo Barbacane, the man behind Officine Rossopuro. Filippo has 25 years of Moto Guzzi experience under his belt. So it’s fair to say there aren’t many who know their way around an Italian longitudinal V-twin quite like him. As a result, Filippo’s become the go-to guy for many a Moto Guzzi enthusiast on the European continent. Not every bike Filippo creates is built to be a showstopper and equally so not every customer wants a show bike. As was the case with his latest project, a classically styled 1979 Moto Guzzi T3 850 cafe racer that is equal parts practical and cool.

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