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Riding Gear – Rev’it! Hydra 2 Gloves


You may be the kind of motorcyclist who laughs in the face of winter, but nothing’s funny about riding with cold, wet hands. Riding gear experts Rev’it! understand the challenges of year-round commuting. They’ve developed an extensive range featuring gear designed to keep you riding no matter what mother nature’s up to. Unsurprisingly, when it comes to keeping your digits dry and warm they’ve got a solution for that too. They call them the Hydra 2 gloves.

Father’s Son – Le Bouterollier BMW R60/7


Experiences from our youth can have a profound effect on what we do later in life. For Jean-Pierre, it was time spent with his father on their BMW R60/2. Despite pursuing a career in IT later in life, Jean-Pierre’s passion for motorcycles never left him. So in late 2017, he decided to do something about it. He signed up for a 3-month motorcycle mechanic training program to hone his technical skills. Then, with a crisp graduation certificate in hand, he made the big jump from IT professional to custom bike builder by opening his workshop, Le Bouterollier. Twelve months on Jean-Pierre successfully divides his time between IT Consulting and building motorcycles. Of all his work to date, his latest custom creation is the one he is most proud of. It’s a project inspired by his father’s bike and the first cafe racer to roll out of his workshop. This is the Le Bouterollier BMW R60/7 cafe racer.

Boy’s Rare Racer – Suzuki Egli GT750


The Suzuki GT750 dished out white knuckles, wide eyes and closed casket funerals when it was released in 1971. Blessed with exceptional power delivery and cursed by poor handling, noted chassis guru Fritz Egli built three experimental frames in the ’70s to try and tame the beast. Only one survived. Or so everyone thought. Today we bring you Extremebikes’ latest creation — the second Egli Suzuki GT750. In local racing circles, Boy Meinkehn’s known as a Water Buffalo fan. So when his friend Roelof called him from the Netherlands saying he’d come across an old two-stroke triple he might be interested in, Boy’s ears perked up. It ran a first-generation GT750 engine, Roelof explained, but there was something funky about the frame.

Riding Gear – Spidi Super R Jacket


It’s not often we find riding gear in the sportbike sector that appeals. To us, most of it looks a little too Power Ranger-ish to suit our choice of two-wheeled steed. However, when it comes to the Spidi Super R jacket, we’re willing to make an exception. Although this riding jacket features your typical sports bike, elbows out cut, its slick styling would look right at home on any modern cafe racer.

I Draw Motos – Moto Mucci Interview


David Mucci is an Industrial Designer and Custom Motorcycle Builder working out of Portland, Oregon. Since his 17th birthday, David’s been tinkering on his own vehicles. The obsession lead to him studying product and transportation design and over time he’s learned the hands-on mechanical know-how to execute his ideas. Working under the pseudonym ‘Moto Mucci’ David offers automotive design and build services to customers around the world. Through a special collaboration with training sketchbook suppliers, IDRAW Creative Goods, David has developed a unique book designed to help people like you and me accurately sketch our own custom two-wheeled concepts. To help promote the launch of the ‘I Draw Motos’ training sketchbook we sat down with David to talk about designing and building bikes and this intriguing new venture.

Riding Gear – Biltwell Borrego Gloves


The Borrego motorcycle gloves are the work of American born and bred riding gear manufacturer Biltwell. First launched in 2006 Bilwell started out as a hard parts company producing affordable alternatives to the overpriced, garish parts that dominated the Harley scene. In the years since Biltwell has diversified its offering to include riding gear. All of the gear in the range adheres to their affordable, low key style ethos, which is evident in the design of the Biltwell Borrego Gloves.

Quintessential UJM – AdHoc Cafe Racers CB750


The Honda CB750 is often referred to as the original Universal Japanese Motorcycle. This is shortened to UJM, as most motorcycle enthusiasts like you, dear reader, are probably aware. First released in 1969 the CB750 was touted as the most sophisticated motorcycle ever, with its front disc brake and 190+km/h top speed. David Gonzalez of AdHoc Cafe Racers was approached by a discerning customer seeking a new motorcycle. A bike of minimalist construction with additions that would only improve performance. Mr. Gonzalez took this brief and surmised there was only one type of bike to base this build on. The quintessential UJM, a Honda 750.

EICMA 2019 – 10 of the best new motorcycles


The 2019 Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo Motociclo e Accessori, or EICMA as it is commonly known, is in full swing. As always the world’s motorcycle manufacturers have descended on Milan to showcase their up and coming releases for the year ahead. Amongst the many new motorcycles unveiled at the show were a handful of models that appealed to our retro/custom aesthetic. So in no particular order, here are 10 of our favorite new motorcycles from EICMA 2019.

Wiese Crack – ’76 CB550 Cafe racer


Remember the first time you swung a leg over a bike? Mathias Wiese does. At the tender age of eight, his dad dinked him around town on the family CB550. There was something about that afternoon’s ride that stuck with him. That feeling, that smell, and that inline-four snarl gave the young Bavarian an itch that would take years to scratch. That love of four-pot screamers never left him, as evidenced by this, his glorious shed-built 1976 Honda CB550 cafe racer.

Riding Gear – AGV X70 Helmet


If you’re looking for retro riding gear with genuine heritage you can’t go past AGV helmets. The Italian manufacturer has been making helmets since 1947. During the past 7 decades, they’ve fine-tuned their products on race tracks around the world. Today the company is owned by fellow Italian riding gear manufacturer Dainese. Like Dainese, the AGV brand loves to celebrate its history which resulted in the development of the open face AGV X70 helmet.

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