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DAILY BURN: Triumph T120 by Thornton Hundred Motorcycles


Written by Martin Hodgson When the custom culture began to boom again a decade ago there was a large element made up of middle-aged men rebuying the bikes of their youth and younger folks taking advantage of cheap and cheerful '70s machines. Fast forward to 2020 and there is a new generation of builders who grew up with this culture inspiring their teenage minds and a select few have gone on to become the elite builders of today. Jody Millhouse is one such man, exploding onto the scene with an incredible catalogue of custom creations. The latest from the Thornton Hundred Motorcycles workshop is this celebrity commissioned Triumph T120 Ace, with bulk attitude to burn.

RAD RETRO REMAKE: Honda CBX750 by AMP Motorcycles


Written by Martin Hodgson From Mr. T's haircut to the DeLorean, shoulder pads and the Rubik's Cube, everything that was popular in the '80s seemed to have square edges. Add the fashion, some of that god awful synthesiser music and boy is it a decade that leaves a lot to be desired. The motorcycles were much the same, the British had collapsed, the two-strokes were all but gone and the superbike was yet to fully ripen. But now emerging from left field as the prices drop to temptingly low amounts, are good candidates for a custom makeover. Germany's AMP Motorcycles has taken once such example, the Honda CBX750 and hit it out of the park with this remarkable retro remake.

WHEELS & WINGS: Honda CB550F ‘Nickel Racer’ by Kick Start Garage


Written by Martin Hodgson When Tom Cruise rode a Kawasaki Gpz900R in the hit movie Top Gun, the mix of a flyboy on a motorbike just made perfect sense. Since WWII, pilots have been some of the biggest buyers of motorbikes, with up to 85% of those at the controls in the air believed to have a bike license. So it is little wonder that the two often inspire one another, and when Craig Marleau of Kick Start Garage in Northern California got a commission for just such a build he immediately knew the direction to take. From the bones of a 1976 Honda CB550f he's built up a beautiful cafe racer with all the right inspiration from a '50s fighter plane.

GET LOST. GET FOUND : Lost Moto’s Short Film


There are thousands of metaphors that can be derived from a motorcycle journey. Ted Simmons found there is no limit to adventure. Che Gavera found political motivation. Robert Persig found philosophical insight. Lost Motos has found a new approach to mental health. The void of men’s mental health has existed for many years. Lost Motos is beginning the journey to break down the stigma of opening up about men’s mental health.

ICE BREAKER: Balamutti Yondu Three Wheeled Ice Racer


Written by Martin Hodgson The spirit of rebellion runs deep in the motorcycle world; from the earliest days of racing on the boards, to the post war biker gangs, Easy Rider counter-culture and lads doing the ton around the Ace Cafe. But with popularity comes those who would push conformity, believing there is only one way to skin a cat and trying to police those who seek to be free. But Balamutti's Vitaliy Selyukov cannot be tamed, his spirit unrestrained by convention he dreamt up one of the craziest contraptions you could imagine and now he's brought it to life to race the Baikal Mile. It's three wheels of supercharged Ducati power with just a handful of spikes to keep it upright on the Russian ice.

SUPERMODEL: BMW R nineT ‘Cara’ by Viba


The world of 3D printing has come along leaps and bounds in the last few years, which is good news for the motorcycle industry. The ability to print parts out of stronger materials is a game changer for many bike builders. The latest project from the French based Viba has taken 3D printing to the next level. With the help of the Erpro 3D factory – who offer a large range of manufacturing technologies – they have taken a BMW R nineT and cleverly used a lot of these techniques to create a stealth boxer called Cara. Viba have always been inspired by woman’s names, and their latest has been named after the model Cara Delevingne – and just like her, this bike is a stunner.

INTO THE WILD: BMW R100GS by Woidwerk


Written by Martin Hodgson To say that the BMW R series range of motorcycles has become a huge hit in the custom scene is the mother of all understatements. Even the conservative big Bavarian caught on, releasing the R nineT five years ago and has the bruising R18 on the way. But aside from a cult following, the rest of the world has only ever appreciated the R series without falling totally in love. Not so in Germany, for the best part of 100 years the flat twins have been the number one machine. And to prove their passion runs deep, a customer approached Woidwerk for not one but two custom R bikes. This is the tale of the R100GS that emerged, no longer a big tourer but a sleek scrambler with plenty of custom style!

STREET APPEAL: Suzuki DR650 Street Tracker by Seven Motorcycles


Just after midday on the 22nd of February, the streets of Christchurch New Zealand started shaking violently. This wasn’t the first time they had experience an earthquake – the city is built on a seismic fault line. Not only did the quake kill 185 people but it also left the roads in a terrible way. So when Christchurch local, Chris Penniall from Seven Motorcycles was looking for a new project, he opted for a street tracker style bike that would be able to handle the odd pothole in style. Last year, when he noticed a really cheap Suzuki DR650 come up for sale he thought it would be the perfect post-earthquake donor bike.

CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’: Yamaha TW125 by ND Motociclette


Written by Martin Hodgson If you hang around a custom bike shop long enough to sit through a morning tea break or after hours for a beer, then you'll hear all sorts of crazy ideas get thrown around. Most are mere fantasies about things nobody within a stone's throw has the budget to pull off, but every now and then a little slice of genius or something that would be a hoot enters the conversation. A regular customer of Italy's Nico Dragoni Motociclette was in the workshop when the topic of his little beach basher, a Yamaha TW125, came up. The idea was to turn it into a tribute to the Californian custom culture, and the light-hearted banter turned into one hell of a cool little build.

BEASTLY BRICK: BMW K100 ‘Silverback Gorilla’ by Two Wheels Empire


Written by Martin Hodgson We've all dreamed about it at some point, handing in our resignation and stepping out into the world on our own to be the one who calls the shots, the boss! Some will make it but most of us, for good or for bad, will remain punching the clock from 9 to 5. From a very young age however, Lithuanian, Matas 'Matt' Rinkevičius had two things running through his veins to launch him to success. An entrepreneurial spirit and a deep love of all things motorcycles, so it makes absolute sense his company is called Two Wheels Empire and their latest offering is this beastly BMW K100 known as the Silverback Gorilla.

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