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ROUGH DIAMOND: BMW R100GS by Diamond Atelier


Written by Tim Huber. When Diamond Atelier first burst onto the scene in 2013 with its inaugural BMW R80 project, it was abundantly clear that the two 20-something-year-old German builders possessed a near-prodigious level of talent and skill when it came to customizing motorcycles. And while the world-renowned shop has stepped out of the limelight for the majority of 2019, that doesn’t mean major moves weren’t happening behind closed doors. 

DRAWING INSPIRATION: Interview with Moto-Mucci


Can you introduce yourself to our readers? My name's David Mucci. I run a studio called Moto-Mucci where I build custom motorcycles and do design contracting for the motorcycle industry. Where are you right now? I'm based in Portland, OR What was your first bike? A 1978 CX500 that I bought mostly in bins about 11 years ago. I tore it down to the frame before ever riding it and turned it into a design project.

LICENCE TO THRILL: Honda FT500 by Hombrese Bikes


Written by Martin Hodgson The engineering professor who was the first to build functioning models of artificial neural networks has a quote he likes to use when explaining his work, “the simple things are the hardest”! It was a philosophy that Uwe Kostrewa of Cologne's Hombrese Bikes was to discover when taking on this build. His girlfriend wanted to get her motorcycle licence and have him build an easy to ride yet cool looking custom for when she passed her test. But despite Uwe having a portfolio of incredible machines, he was still working on this slick Honda FT500 street scrambler when she'd achieved her half of the bargain.

OFF THE CHAIN: Yamaha TR1 ‘Django’ by Remastered Cycle


Written by Martin Hodgson In the proud city of Brescia, Italy, they've long valued innovation and tradition in everything they do. It is the home of motorcycling God Giacomo Agostini and firearms producer Beretta, so you can imagine they didn't take it lying down when the Italian GP was moved from their city. Instead, they came up with the grueling Mille Miglia and like everything in the Lombardy region they do it their own way. So when searching for a workshop to breathe life back into his long-deceased Yamaha TR1, Alessandro Gallina stayed local and selected Remastered Cycle to build him a street scrambler that's off the chain, appropriately called Django.



Honda CB4X Concept Designed by Honda’s European R&D team lead by Valerio Aiello, the CB4X is Big Red’s latest CBR650F-based concept bike. The 4X boasts a sharp futuristic design with a one-piece tank and front-fairing unit with wing-esque protrusions just above the radiator, and a host of LED lights tucked beneath the nose, resulting in a smooth form somewhat reminiscent of race bodywork. The front of the bike also sports aggressive looking hand guards, an adjustable windscreen, Ohlins forks, and a dual disc Brembo brake setup.

Harley-Davidson Sportster Scrambler Episode 3 by Purpose Built Moto


 Words and video by Tom from Purpose Built Moto. If you’ve been following this build series, you’ve noticed I’ve mentioned a few times that the two adventure scramblers I’m building at the moment, a Nemesis 400 and the Harley Sportster are for an upcoming film project. I’m happy to announce that the official Instagram for the film is now live! @wideofthemarkmovie. After the success of our first film “Handcrafted” produced in collaboration with Electric Bubble we’ve decided to go bigger, better and way f**king out there. Go and check out the instagram to keep up with the project. Ok, now on with the important stuff.

BACK IN BLACK: 2012 Kawasaki W800 by Mike Andrews


Written by Martin Hodgson The last time we caught up with Kiwi Mike Andrews he'd finished building his epic Honda Muscle Racer and after its Pipeburn feature he was looking forward to clocking up the miles before retiring the bike to his living room. But life has a way of turning the rudder for us and sending us on a path totally planned. For Mike that meant the sale of his beloved creation and major surgery, but always setting an example for his boys he's back with another blacked out custom creation. Now working under the name Bonnievill he's turned out a sleek and slick 2011 Kawasaki W800 to get him back on the road in style.

GENTLEMAN RACER: Honda CB350F Board Tracker by Smith Brother’s


Written by Martin Hodgson With almost any style of motorcycle there are different stages of customisation you can go to while still accomplishing a complete build. A race replica doesn't need a 200hp engine and the very beauty of a cafe racer is only a handful of changes can get the job done. But building a board tracker is the exception, you have to go all-in or not at all. So when Chris Kent and the team at Iowa’s Smith Brother’s Classic Cycles & Customs decided to push their chips to the middle of the table they were committed to doing it once and doing it right. With the help of some of the best in the industry, the result is this beautiful 1973 Honda CB350F board track racer for the road.

TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE: 1973 Honda Dax by Hombrese Bikes


Written by Tim Huber. There’s something about mini bike models that's hard not to love. The small-wheeled steeds are motorcycling in its simplest and most pure form with components that just meet the bare minimum requirements to get the job done and engines boasting power to match. And despite their performance (and size/comfort) limitations, for many riders, mini bikes were their first introduction to the wonderful world of motorized two-wheelers.

MAGNIFICENT MAGGOT: Honda CX500 ‘Mustang’ by Underground Custom Cycles


Written by Martin Hodgson When you're a Ford Mustang owner but all you want to do is ride around, what better way to do it than to have a matching motorcycle parked in the garage. Living in the beautiful seaside city of Limassol, Cyprus, there is no shortage of spectacular roads to enjoy and vistas to appreciate when parked up. So to make the dream a reality the original importer of the bike, Petros Louca of Underground Custom Cycles was tracked down to carry out the build. With the Mustang as his muse he emerged from his workshop with the perfect CX500 cafe racer, a Cypriot chariot to carve up the coastline.

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