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Car Swerves And Hits Passing Motorcyclists On Purpose! WTF?


Watch as this asshole swerves and crashes into a couple riding together as they try to pass. The the passenger on the bike had to be air lifted and is messed up pretty bad. Read more if you want here on his Facebook


Crazy Biker Gets The Wobbles And Crashes


Watch as this rider speeding though traffic gets the wobbles and crashes. This rider suffered bruises and broke his lower left leg in three places according to the YouTuber.


Blox Starz TV's Insane Channel Trailer, Motorcycle Mayhem!!


In case you don't know who Blox Starz TV is you need to check them out. Some of the sickest motorcycle stunts, crazy as police chases.


WheelieTime - My Favorite Game!


Watch our friends from WheelieTime and their last ride of the summer! Stay safe everyone!


NIDYANAZO'S "Full Speed Ahead" in the SoCal Mountains!


Hard charging, on-board cameras in the Southern California mountains. Just listen that beast tear though the twistys!


Custom Motorcycle Goes Up In Flames At The Fuel Pump


I guess this guy thought it would be cool to leave the motorcycle running as he filled up his fuel tank. Watch as this sucker goes whoom! Kind of feel bad for that guy lol!


Lady Runs A Red Light And Crashes Into A Motorcyclist


It's amazing how fast this lady was going when she ran that red light. Poor guy! YT: "The driver was a young female who went and got her parents after the accident because she was so scared"


This Is Why You Shouldn't Tailgate People! Wow!


(WARNING: VOLUME) Watch as a motorcyclist comes within inches of being crushed by semi-truck tires. Come on people! Leave some space in front of you so you can have some time to hit the brakes!


Mulholland (Snake) Harley Knee Drag, Supermoto


It's always summer on the streets of California! Watch as these motorcycle riders blast around the Mulholland AKA The Snake.


Talk About A Cop Block!


Wow! WheelieTime riders are some real cop blockers! Watch as the yshut one cop down with style!

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