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Mulholland Riders Showing Off Those Skills


Another wonderful video of the Mulholland Riders out enjoying the California sun.  Check out that awesome Kawasaki H2! 


Daniel Hegarty's Fatal Highside Crash At The Macau GP


Hegarty, 31, highsides and gets tossed off his motorcycle and into the barriers at the Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix. He died on the way to the hospital.


The Unrideables 2 - Documentary Trailer!


Trailer for the documentary "The Unrideables" showing motorcycles competing in the MOTOGP races at the end of the 80 's period. Racers including Kevin Schwantz, Eddie Lawson, Mick Doohan, Randy Mamola, Kenny Roberts and Wayne Rainey, Giacomo Agostini on Honda 's, Suzuki's, Yamaha's and Cagiva's. The follow-up to The Unrideables takes up the story as Wayne Rainey dominated a racing era where only one thing mattered - winning.


Crashing wheelies suck! CBR 600rr gets slammed


Riding wheelies looks cool but it's an expensive gamble. Take a look at this video of a motorcycle rider slamming his motorcycle to the ground hard after loosing control of a wheelie. Kind of sad cause that CBR 600rr was a pretty bike.


Elbow Dragging Close Call Mulholland Hwy Riders


Check out the beautiful views from Mulholland Hwy! Some of the best sport bike riding in California! A couple close calls from attempting to drag elbows... savages!


Wheelie And A Rider Runs From A Cop At A Gas Station


After the crazy wheelie at the beginning. Guess now he has a full tank for his high speed getaway. Did that cop go for his gun or taser? Anyway, if you and your friends would like to spend time inside of a jail cell then give this shit a shot!


Car U-turns In Front A Motorcycle Causing A Dramatic Crash


Watch as the driver of the yellow Mustang makes a huge mistake and pulls out in front of a speeding motorcycle. Quick tip for new riders. If you see any traffic slowing down in front of you it might be wise to also slow down. Don't ride your motorcycle like you are inside of a protected bubble!


Watch how this rider gets out of a speeding ticket, LOL!


Watch as a crazy rider runs from the cops as they pull up onto the scene. By the time that fat cop got his big ass SUV turned around, dude was probably crossing the border into Mexico... see ya!


Motorcyclist Flies Off A Cliff!


He suffered multiple broken bones in the crash. Crystal Cruz from CBS Los Angeles reports. Looks like Ol' target fixation for the win! Glad to see he survived the crash.


Lady's First Time On A Motorcycle, She Crashes Hard!


This could have been bad! Watch this lady's first time riding a motorcycle in a parking lot. Looks like she pops the clutch and then looses control. She crashes hard into the back of a parked car and her shoe was launched into outer space... WTF?

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