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Custom Bikes Of The Week: 3 November, 2019


Details emerge of the new KRGT-1 from Keanu Reeves’ company Arch. Plus a smoking hot Yamaha RD350 board tracker, a rare BSA B50MX from the 1970s with just ten hours on the clock, and a guide to drawing motorcycles—from one of our favorite designers. Yamaha RD350 by No Joke 2 Stroke Few two strokes are as beloved as the Yamaha RD350. So we can’t figure out if turning one into a board tracker is sacrilege, or genius. Either way, this 1974 RD350 from Mark Miller (A.K.A. No Joke 2 Stroke) sure looks like fun. Mark builds bikes as a hobby, putting about 12 months into each project. His goal on this project was to create a board tracker, but one that had decent suspension and a two stroke motor.…

Hasty Flaming Buffalo! An Indian Scout from Luuc Muis


When Indian delivered a new Scout Bobber to young Dutch designer Luuc Muis, there was a catch: he had just 20 weeks to turn his ideas into metal. And to complicate matters, it would have to be an after-hours job. Because Luuc works full-time for the Harley parts specialist Motorcycle Storehouse and the helmet brand Roeg. But Luuc delivered, turning his sketches into an incredible Scout Bobber called Hasty Flaming Buffalo, and built with a little help from his friend Bert Jan of Outsiders Motorcycles. Luuc is 27 years old and has been building bikes for seven years now, as Luuc Muis Creations. “The project started before I actually knew about it,” says Luuc. “Indian launched a contest in the Benelux countries, and anyone could enter.…

Knockout Krauser: A four-valve R100 from Ironwood


Ironwood Custom Motorcycles get frequent requests for their signature R-Series BMW bobbers. But when a regular client rolled in with a unique donor, shop boss Arjan van den Boom knew he had to up the ante. The bike in question was a 1982 BMW R100—but with a very special motor. It was packing a full Krauser upgrade, complete with four-valve heads, Nikasil barrels and an electronic ignition. The client was a BMW and Porsche fanatic with very discerning taste. So whatever the Dutch shop built would need to be special. Arjan and co. answered with a sharp, low-slung bobber that follows the typical Ironwood aesthetic, but with a slew of trick upgrades. First, the boxer shed all of its 80s bodywork in favor of a more minimalist setup.…

Mental Morini: A wild Corsaro 1200 Veloce from XTR Pepo


Pepo Rosell’s work is easy to spot, and we mean that as a compliment. If it looks fast, has a killer livery and just a hint of classic endurance racing, it’s most likely an XTR Pepo build. Pepo’s sharp eye and deft hand come from his vast experience. He’s the guy that originally founded the powerhouse custom shop, Radical Ducati. Then, after a thirteen-year stint at Radical, he went into a hiatus, before realizing that building custom motorcycles was all he wanted to do. So for the past four years, Pepo’s been producing the same style of high-end customs he built his reputation on, but now as XTR Pepo. He maintains a frenetic pace too, making it hard to keep track of what he’s up to.…

Dutch courage: Moto Adonis tackles the Ducati S4R


The S4R has got to be one of Ducati’s greatest hits. The water-cooled Monster used a retuned DOHC 996 engine with eight valves and a stout 113 hp, weighed just 425 pounds (193 kilos) dry, and sported a single-sided swingarm. And it was good for over 145 mph (235 kph). The S4R can still hold its own against many modern roadsters, but it was launched 16 years ago—and tired examples are now popping up on the secondhand scene. Which makes it an ideal base for a custom build, as the Dutch shop Moto Adonis has just discovered. Shop founder Daan Borsje has delivered a most unusual custom, with radical styling that doesn’t slot into any obvious genre. It’s in-your-face and unapologetic, much like the S4R itself.…

Please Yamaha, build a scrambler as cool as this SR250


We’ve got used to heavy motorcycles. These days, anything around 450 pounds or 200 kilos is regarded as light. And most of the bestselling bikes in the USA weight 600 pounds or more. In the days before emissions controls, fuel injection systems and electronic aids, bikes were smaller and lighter. And in Europe especially, compact commuters sold by the shipload—bikes like the Yamaha SR250. Known as the Yamaha Exciter in the US, this feisty little single weighed around 287 pounds (130 kilos) wet. Efraón Triana loves small bikes. The Madrid-based builder runs UFO Garage, although he made his name as one of the duo behind Cafe Racer Dreams. Triana wanted to build “the perfect motorcycle for everyday use in the city, or for a Sunday ride in the countryside.” He chose an SR250 as his starting point, because they are plentiful in Spain: even after production of the first series finished in Japan and the USA, Spain carried on building the little SR from 1982 to 2000.…

Lead sled: A BMW K1100 LT cafe from Spain


There’s a reason we don’t see many BMW K-series customs, and it’s because they’re tough to work with. The K is physically big and has an awkward silhouette—neither of which are ideal ingredients for a good custom. Some builders find success by embracing the K’s inherent design, and producing something angular and modern. But Pablo Pérez González has gone in the opposite direction. He’s wrestled the mighty K’s gawky form to the ground, and produced a classy cafe racer with hella clean lines. What’s even more impressive is that the Spanish builder started with one of the newer, bigger K-series models: a K1100 LT tourer from the 90s. And he picked a K because he wanted to customize a BMW, but wasn’t interested in the ubiquitous R-series boxer.…

Speciale ultimo: A most unusual custom Ducati


You could call it a mongrel, or a parts bin special—but we reckon this unusual Ducati is one of the cleverest and most original builds we’ve seen for a long time. It uses parts from several very different Ducatis, and comes from an Englishman called Chris Dedman. He lives in the ancient market town of Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, and despite the quality of the work, he’s not a pro builder. “This bike’s taken years to build,” says Chris. “It’s been completely modified from the ground up, and down to every last nut and bolt being replaced or re-plated.” Chris works in the IT industry but has loved motorcycles for 25 years. “The Ducati was built as a hobby, although I’m ‘in talks’ about starting a business to build custom bikes and sell parts,” he says.…

50 not out: A Thruxton to celebrate Tamarit’s 50th build


Building a custom motorcycle isn’t exactly a walk in the park. But turning customization into a viable full-time business is even harder. So it’s uplifting to see custom shops enjoying big measures of success. Spain’s Tamarit Motorcycles are in a good space right now. They opened four years ago as a two-man operation, and built just five custom motorcycles and created five bolt-on Triumph parts in their first year. Now the team is 14-strong, there are 179 parts in their catalog, and over 50 bikes in their portfolio—25 of which were built this year alone. That’s some smart business acumen. This fantastic cafe-stroke-bobber is the 50th motorcycle to roll out of the workshop just outside Alicante. Called ‘Stalker,’ this semicentennial celebration is based on a 2006 carb-model Triumph Thruxton 900.…

Custom Bikes Of The Week: 20 October, 2019


Not one but two incredible BMW builds, plus a wild Honda dual sport scooter, a rare Egli-Triumph track bike, and a muscular Honda CBX from Tokyo. Buckle up! Honda X-ADV by Officine GP Design If you don’t know what the X-ADV is, get ready to have your mind blown: It’s an adventure scooter that Honda released in 2016. Yes, this neo-futuristic cafe racer started out as a scooter (and a dual-sport one at that). Our compadres over at Return of the Cafe Racers don’t go into too much detail on how Officine GP Design got around the X-ADV’s frame and suspension to transform it into this, but it’s not entirely inconceivable. The X-ADV has long(ish) travel suspension, and the same parallel twin motor as the wildly popular NC700.…

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